Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alphasmart Neo As An iPad Keyboard

I’ve blogged about the AlphaSmart Neo before and have been eyeing the iPad ever since I heard about it.  Eolake Stobblehouse figured out that the iPad’s camera connection kit allows you to use both of them together.  What’s particularly nice with this pairing is that the Neo allows you to send any text document that you’ve created on it simply by hitting the ‘Send’ button.  The receiving device thinks it is connected to a normal keyboard with someone typing out the characters.

For general use, I doubt I’d prefer this set-up to using a wireless keyboard, but it’s nice to know if/when I finally get an iPad, it might help breathe some new life into my Neo.  With 700 hours of battery life, the Neo is great for travel.  The LCD screen also makes it ideal for outdoor use.

(HT Gadget Labs)

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