Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Old Friend Comes To Town!

My friend Tammy from Orlando was in town visiting her relatives yesterday and I met up with them to get dinner last night and see the original Superman movie as part of Screen on the Green. Unfortunately, Tammy's family's car got towed while they were out sightseeing and they didn't discover that until just before the movie started. Fortunately, Ali was able to help out and give all of us rides home from the Vienna metro after midnight. (My truck is in the shop until later today.)

Rather than getting upset about the situation, I think this picture shows the overall attitude of the night:


It was great seeing Tammy again after nearly 4 years and neat reconnecting as though no time had passed. It was also nice meeting her family. Many thanks to Ali for helping us out during what could have been a bad situation.

It was really strange being around a friend from Orlando and a friend from my PhD program at the same time. Two different parts of my world colliding into a ton of fun.

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