Thursday, July 03, 2008

Should I Kindle?

Russ Roberts broke down and bought an Amazon Kindle. I've been thinking about buying one for a while now, but have some reservations about the design and the inability of it to natively read PDF files. (Although there is software out there to convert PDF files to the Kindle format.)

Has anyone had any experience with the Kindle? Any recommendations either way? Would I be better off waiting for the large 9.7" high-resolution Astak ebook reader? It won't have a download service as nicely integrate as the Kindle, but will sport a much larger screen and the ability to read PDF files without any special software. (A critical feature for storing a reading academic articles -- something I have to read for both school and work.) I love the idea of being able to download articles from JSTOR, save them to an eBook reader, and be able to easily read them and have many of them on hand at any given time.

On the other hand, where the Kindle would really change how I read is in getting me to read more broadly. Yesterday I wrote that I need to start reading more classics and fiction. With all the free content available for downloading, I'm certain a Kindle would help me towards that goal.

Another option would be to wait for the next iteration of the Kindle to come out. The way Amazon has their service set-up, any content you buy for your Kindle would immediately be able to get downloaded onto a new one if you were to buy now and upgrade later. From a human factors perspective, the Kindle certainly has some design issues. From a business model perspective, it's simply brilliant.

Elsewhere, Justin Glow asks the question I've been asking -- why aren't there any travel guides available for the Kindle? Also, Deven Desai takes a look at how eBooks may impact book law.

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C# said...

with pda being so pup. i don't see why it's worth the money...